The communication room is the 'hub' of nearly all companies operations.

The positioning must be considered for length of cable run, ease of providing air-conditioning, often run independently of the main A/C system.

Size of the room is so important to ensure comfortable access for IT operations and future expansion.

Failsafe back-up may be required in the form of UPS and also suppression systems in the event of fire may be a requirement.

CAT5e of CAT 6 data cabling will be required and he size of servers and ancillary equipment will determine the rack size (measured in U's).

Security can be provided by mechanical locks, swipe cards, through to biometric readers according to the appropriate level for your business.

Master and slave air conditioning is often installed, which offers a back-up system for your computer equipment.

Antistatic and vinyl floors and localised raised floors may also be fitted.

Our electrical and data installation team will be pleased to help and advise on this important 'heart' of your business.

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