Glass partitioning is always a very popular installation for the modern office interior.

Manufacturers such as Komfort Workspace have developed systems incorporating glass, these cater for varying budgets, aesthetics and sound attenuation requirements.

Glass partitions can be aluminum framed, steel framed, silicone jointed, dry jointed, single glazed, double glazed and fire rated.

Whether your requirement is for an industrial fit-out or an office fit-out glass partitioning creates a feeling of light and space in any interior.

Privacy can be achieved in a number of ways:

  • Manifestation (or frosting) can be applied to the glass in any design and a selection of colours however; it must comply with the Disabled Disabilities Act (DDA) and the Fire Regulations.
  • Blinds can be fitted with external controls; our recommendation would be to use this within a double glazed system. Blinds within the partitions provide flexibility when visual privacy is required.
  • 'Priva-lite' and various similar products are an option where aesthetics combined with flexibility are of importance. This system allows the user to completely obscure the class at the flick of a switch.

A number of options are available where doors are concerned, this will greatly depend on the overall design of the suite and your requirements for aesthetics and sound attenuation.

Where special requirements for fire integrity and fire insulation are a requirement, there are systems available.

Our glass partitioning brochures below depict some of the more popular systems we offer. Please contact us to discuss your office fitting requirements in more detail.

Glass Partitioning brochures:

600 Series Partition

Silicone Glazed Partition

Double Glazed Polar Partition

Komfire Partition 75100

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