IPS staff continually fit a wide variety of Partitions in London.

Whether your requirement is for glass partitions or solid, high sound reduction or a simple physical divide, we are able to assist you.

We are a 'Komfort Registered Contractor (KRC)' which means we buy partitioning materials at the most favourable rates from Europe's largest partitioning supplier.

All of the office partitions supplied in London are installed by our fully trained site operatives to ensure that all systems perform to the required levels.

Companies taking offices in London require differing levels of acoustic qualities, fire protection and aesthetics. We offer systems that cater for every need.

Our doors can be standard or storey height in a wide range of veneers or laminates. Special door frames can add a distinctive appearance to your office in London.

Glass office partitions in London are by far the most popular finish, especially in the full height silicone jointed system. This partition offers a light open feel and is a great system when forming the front runs of meeting rooms and individual offices. Manifestations can feature designs and logo and are an expression of your companies ethos.

For more information regarding the office partitions we offer in London, please contact us and one of our representatives will be pleased to assist you.

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