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Different Types of Glass Partitioning

Glass partitioning has, and always will be, a key design feature when it comes to office fit out. There aren’t many other materials that can provide such a clean aesthetic, whilst having the ability to create new working areas without impacting any natural light.

Single glazed toughened glass

The most popular form of glass usually used is single glazed products. These can be fitted into a slim outer frame, either silicone or dry jointed, provide a fast installation turnaround and can achieve sound attenuation of up to 40dB (Rw).

Singled glazed partitions can be installed up to a height of 3 metres and are available in a range of different thicknesses, from toughened 10mm through to acoustic laminated glass which can be provided in as much as 14.8mm.

Singled glazed systems also come with a choice of different main door options to pair it with. You can go with a classic timber door (veneer or laminate facing), framed/frameless doors or an acoustic glass door - we tend to lean towards Komfort’s “Sonik” door for the latter option as this has an automatic drop down seal for acoustic insulation.

Double glazed toughened glass

We often use double glazed office partitions when forming client facing meeting rooms or those more sensitive areas within an open office space. The reason being, double glazing consists of two layers of different thicknesses of acoustic laminated glass - you can achieve minimal appearance with maximum soundproof qualities.

As with singled glazed systems, you still get a choice of main door options. Again, we would recommend Komfort’s “Sonik” doors to maintain its performance if you were to go with an acoustic glass door or a timber door set within a system frame.

Double glazed systems can also be fitted with integral blinds if preferred to achieve maximum privacy, although it is best to be mindful that building regulations often determine that a vision panel is required in the door if blinds are to be installed.

Industrial style partitioning

Both of the above glass glazing systems are also available in an industrial appearance - a rapidly growing trend. This can be achieved by applying bars to the glass and offers a distinct minimal appearance. This can also be paired with a reeded effect manifestation for increased visual privacy.

For a more solid style, Komfort’s “Kross Glaze 600” system is formed with both vertical and horizontal transoms, each section individually glazed which then allows you to mix glass styles up a little! There is no need to compromise here, as this system can also achieves up to 41dB (Rw) in sound attenuation.

Here at IPS, we pride ourselves on being experts in office fit out and design, and know everything there is to know when it comes to partitioning. If you’re thinking of adding glass partitions, get in touch and let us change up and transform your office space!