It is imperative that furniture absolutely meets the needs of the individual companies ethos.

Over the years, IPS have worked hard to develop close ties with a number of international suppliers. This enables us to independently evaluate clients requirements and detail a specific office environment tailored to your needs.

Purchasing furniture through us ensures the integration of your interior so that from lighting, through to power and data, there is a synergy.

We also offer bespoke joinery, which is of the highest quality, giving you the individuality to meet the most discerning client needs.

Our office furniture division act as brokers for commercial office furniture solutions.

We are not tied to a particular manufacturer which enables us to offer a tailored service to meet your specific requirements.

We are able to work to all budgets, from entry level through to high end products and because our furniture division is not tied to any particular manufacturer, we can offer a different solution according to the areas within the office.

All projects are delivered and installed 'in-house' by fully trained site operatives who have a reputation for quality and efficiency.

We are able to assist with all areas within the office including: reception counters, visitors seating, boardroom furniture, executive furniture, open plan furniture, seating, breakout furniture and storage.

Storage Wall is becoming ever more popular in the modern office due to, not only its aesthetics, but the amount of extra storage areas it creates. IPS offer a wide range of storage wall solutions, from MFC finishes through to wood veneers. A selection of internals are available from standard shelves through to pull out filing frames.

IPS are also able to assist with the removals and relocation of your office furniture.

Key benefits

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Ergonomics - office furniture is designed with ergonomics at the forefront of the design process. Staff will use the furniture in the office for many hours at a time and it is important that they are sitting correctly.

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Safety - all furniture we supply is installed by professional installation teams and therefore put together safely.

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Continuity - many manufacturers of office furniture guarantee continuity of their ranges, this means that we can supply the same furniture as you grow.

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Aesthetics - Many office furniture ranges are offered in a bench format which shares components and therefore provides a much better visual impact than a series of individual legs and tops that do not align.

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Durability - office products are designed for heavy use, including upholstery elements.

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IT - office furniture is designed with IT requirements in mind so cabling can be tidied away whilst still providing easy access for your IT technicians through sliding tops, for example.

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Bespoke Joinery - Our workshops are au fait with the requirements of delivering joinery pieces into office buildings. Products are designed with access routes in mind. Many of our partnering workshops also work with the same surface manufacturers that the mainstream furniture manufacturers use, so complimentary pieces can be produced.

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