Interior Property Solutions have been assisting many clients each year avoid costly moves, by refurbishing existing offices.

Innovations particularly during the last 5 years or so, have seen many ‘space saving’ and ergonomically effective products. Not only does this often negate the need to move, but excites and enthuses current staff. Careful planning and communication before and during the process, will ensure the maximum benefit, with the least amount of fuss.

Our team will discuss the best ways to improve (in most cases dramatically) your existing office, without major disruption.

Several areas for example, replacing lighting and upgrading heating/cooling methods, may also help to reduce your annual expenditure and in many cases, recoup the initial outlay during the course of your lease. Occasionally we are able to assist clients receive a contribution from their landlords!

Simple redecorations and addition of graphic designs may enhance a tired space and re-invigorate staff. Carpeting is easier to replace than many clients think in an occupied office. Our experienced teams collaborate to move or replace desks and re-carpet areas ‘out of hours’. When you realise what can be achieved whilst in situ, think how much easier it proves to be when you are not there!

Some major works take place when our clients have moved to temporary offices and we are then able to reduce the overall timescales and have a massive impact when all staff return to a ‘new office’!

Imagine the impact not only on current staff, new recruitment but also clients visiting! We wish to help you create a truly inspirational, safe and forward thinking environment.

Co-ordination of trades is all important during this sometimes complex work. IPS experienced personnel will pre-plan carefully, keeping you our client, fully informed.

IPS staff have more than 150 years combined experience in Office Refurbishment and Fit out. We enjoy the challenges and our reward is in seeing both owners and staff appreciation of their special environments! Let us help you truly express your ethos, brand and culture, without the cost of moving the extra miles!

Key benefits

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Increased productivity - An updated workspace can boost the morale within the office.

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Improved first impression - Your visitor’s perception of the business will be greatly improved with an up-to-date office environment.

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Attract new talent - An updated working environment which considers the latest design trends and modern way of working is more likely to attract top talent.

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Improved efficiency - A refurbishment project is a great opportunity to review your processes such as meeting room booking systems, audio visual equipment and IT/telephony equipment. Particularly prevalent since the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Safety. Whether it is general wear tear causing trip hazards, spreading staff out around the office, providing optional individual working spaces or reducing the spread of germs by introducing touchless technology, a refurbishment is a good opportunity to improve safety within the office.

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An opportunity to rebrand and incorporate the latest material within the office design.

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