Folding office partitioning allow larger office spaces to be created, whilst offering the same sound reduction as traditional partitions.

Folding office partitions are popular with companies where larger presentation spaces are required from time to time. Offering greater flexibility and control of office spaces, this is the most flexible office partitioning solution available.

Available in a range of materials, folding partitions can be simply a divider to hide training/demonstration materials and flexible furniture within a function space.

However, most applications are much more about speed of change within an office environment, so that an area can be increased in size in minutes to form large presentation rooms or all staff (commonly called ‘Town Hall’) meetings, thus assisting with the agile working environment.

Many systems are available in a wide range of finishes, from veneer to laminates, dry wipe surfaces to glass.

Glass folding partitions offer excellent aesthetic appeal and often form the fronts to meeting rooms which are linked to communal reception or break out spaces.

Solid panel folding partitions are often used to bisect meeting rooms and are also available in a dry wipe surface, perfect for project based meeting rooms.

Folding wall systems come with a choice of stacking options to suit a variety of applications.

Sound attenuation quality is now paramount and all manufacturers offer a high decibel rated folding partition to suit all clients exacting requirements.