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We are able to offer a wide range of office partitioning systems.

We are 'Komfort Registered Contractors' (KRC) which enables us to buy our office partitioning systems direct and at favourable rates.

Differing aesthetics, fire rating and acoustic attenuation can be achieved by the systems we offer. Our consultants will discuss your office requirements with you and identify the most suitable system taking into account both your needs and the site conditions.

IPS offer the following office partitioning systems:

Office Glass Partitions

Office Glass Partitioning is available in a range of forms; from entry level aluminium framed glazed units to frame less floor to ceiling partitioning and the ever popular 'industrial effect' glass screens.

Glass partitions are very popular when forming the fronts of meeting areas and individual offices.

IPS offer a variety of glass office partitions ranging from aluminium framed systems, fire-rated and sound insulating systems and seamless silicone glazed partitions.

Our entry level glass partitions are '600 series' they are aluminium framed and are fitted with either single or double glazed panels. This system can be fitted with integral venetian blinds, or manifestations may be applied in several designs.

Fire rated glass partitioning can be installed and IPS offer the Komfire range. The glazed panels are steel framed and are offered in either single or double glazed, this system can also be fitted with integral venetian blinds.

Silicone glass office partitions offer a clean sleek look and it has become the most widely used of all of our glass systems.

Silicone glass partitions are available in 10mm, 12mm and 15mm thicknesses according to the height.

Sound glass is also available for additional sound attenuation.

Glass doors, fixed or sliding, are introduced in to the partition to maintain the shear look or solid doors offering a different visual appeal and higher sound performance may be fitted to the partition systems.

Should there be a requirement for higher sound reduction whilst maintaining the aesthetics of the silicone glazed system, IPS offer 'Double-glazed Polar' and this is both flexible whilst offering the thoroughly modern appearance that many other office partitioning fails to achieve.

Sound and Fire Rated Office Partitions

Coming with a 1/2 hour or 1 hour fire rating, the Komfire (or equivalent) System is for office interiors where sound reduction is important.

A choice of cover strips for ease of installation and demountability or flush jointed partitioning can be installed for a seamless finish.

Folding partitions

Folding office partitioning allow larger office spaces to be created, whilst offering the same sound reduction as traditional partitions.

Folding office partitions are popular with companies where larger presentation spaces are required from time to time. Offering greater flexibility and control of office spaces, this is the most flexible office partitioning solution available.

Entry Level Partitioning

The '600 series' or equivalent partition system has a solid finish and is also available in single and double glazed. This is an entry-level/low cost partitioning system, though still represents fantastic value. Integral blinds are also an option.

As standard, the 600 series is based on a 1200m wide module and is aluminium framed with a dufaylite panel. They are easily relocatable for flexibility and this particular office partition can be finished with either paint or a covering of your choice.

Komfort Registered Contractors (KRC)

Komfort are the UK's leading supplier of partitioning materials. With 13 partitioning systems in their range, Komfort are able to supply partitioning products that cater for both the modern and traditional office interior.

Installing Komfort partitioning products enables our clients to add partitions and carry out churn works without disturbing the aesthetics and general appearance of the office suite at a later date, safe in the knowledge that there is a consistency to their selected Komfort product.

As Komfort registered Contractors, we purchase partitioning materials at the most favourable rates and our teams of installers have been extensively trained and are very experienced in erecting all of Komfort's systems.

Our Phillip Richardson has developed a relationship with Komfort over 37 years. They are always ready and willing to offer IPS their support for complex installations.