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How to incorporate multi-purpose spaces in your next office fit-out

With hybrid working becoming an important part of modern office life, it’s no wonder so many companies are incorporating multi-purpose spaces in their office fit-outs.

Whether you need virtual conferencing rooms to collaborate with remote workers, hot-desk options for your hybrid staff, or just alternative settings for your assigned desk employees, people are looking at the workplace in a new light at the moment and taking every opportunity to reimagine their spaces and make sure every inch is working to its maximum potential.

If you’re wondering how to incorporate some multi-functioning areas into your office-fit out, here are a few of our ideas.

Cellular meeting rooms

Since the pandemic, the office has been reimagined for many companies. Task based work settings are increasingly important and cellular rooms form a key role in providing privacy for video calls, concentrated work, informal chats, internal meetings and even mother’s rooms and prayer rooms.

Glass partitioning usually forms the frontage of most cellular rooms, with privacy being provided by either manifestations or curtaining. Whilst the walls between the rooms are often solid partitioning to help with sound attenuation.

Sound absorbing panelling also form an integral part of the design, cutting out the reverberation and limiting sound transfer between the spaces.

Cellular rooms are good way to ensure staff have the privacy they need, when required. Well placed partitions help staff to break away from open plan environments, without being made to feel completely shut off from the rest of the office.

Employee training areas

Employee training can mean anything from a large conference to smaller group work, one-to-one discussions or even independent computer tasks. Having a space dedicated to all these individual things can be difficult, but it is achievable by designing an agile environment with each space having the ability to multifunction.

Folding partitions are a great way to provide larger spaces with the flexibility to be zoned off when needed and opened again for larger training sessions. Glass folding walls to the fronts of the training rooms can help to open the space entirely for Town Hall meetings, as well as allowing natural light to permeate, when closed. They work well when opened onto a large break out area.

Storage solutions

With the hybrid environment growing in popularity and some companies opting for less office space because of this trend, consideration should be given to storage.

Having spaces designed specifically to store your marketing materials, your spare technology, cloaks and stationery makes such a difference to the functionality, as well as the aesthetics of your office.

Other considerations for storage space within a flexible environment include areas to store foldaway furniture and stackable chairs and lockers for personal storage.

Multipurpose storage options can include media walls in reception that include units for storing cloaks, printer zones which include integrated recycling bins, storage wall with integrated alcove seating and for smaller offices, built in cupboards which house small comms cabinets.

There are so many ways to utilise multi-purpose spaces in your office fit-out. By researching and learning exactly how your staff work, and what their current challenges are, we can find creative ways to overcome them and design the perfect office space for your company.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you incorporate multi-functional spaces in your next office fit-out.