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London Office Fit outs – IPS Interiors 2022 Highlights

Filled with a variety of design led office fit outs in both Central London and surrounding areas, 2022 was a great year for us here at IPS Interiors.

Working with external interior designers alongside our own “in house” team, we delivered a range of office fit outs spanning from contemporary design, schemes inspired by incorporating a client’s current branding guidelines, all the way through to luxurious bohemian styled offices, paired with bespoke joinery and one-off furniture pieces. All specifically designed and produced for our clients from a variety of different sectors, including Finance, Recruitment, Events, Property, Law, Construction, Education and Consultancy to name a few.

A common theme throughout was the desire to create spaces free from distraction that performed well acoustically. We often found that acoustic wall coverings worked best here, allowing an element of design through rich and luxurious fabrics, paired with thick pile carpets and doors with acoustic laminated glass and drop seals. By doing so, we did not need to compromise on style over function!

Another “must have” for many clients was feature flooring. By using Amtico’s “Signature” and “Form” ranges on a number of our projects, we created prominent, standout designs, fitted in herringbone, parquet, chevron and even diagonal laying patterns. The appearance of a chosen floor design can change dramatically based on the way it is fitted and we’ve enjoyed seeing these paired with rugs and quality furniture to really bring out the individuality in each of our client’s office spaces.

Most of our London office projects required a central social space, mostly in the form of a communal area, to aid creativity and improve the social impact of the office environment. We would often bring this to life though feature joinery, banquette seating and planting to create an informal and inviting working area, rather than a structured secluded meeting room.

Our CAT A+ projects not only demanded individuality, but also flexibility so that any potential tenants could tailor the layout easily to suit their own needs, should they wish to do so. Our vast experience, having delivered so many CAT B fit outs for a range of industries over the years put us in good stead to advise on the practicalities of proposed layouts, one example being that we would often include additional power and data so that proposed informal seating areas could be substituted with desks, should that be needed as tenants grow during their tenure.

As has been on the rise for a while now, industrial style glazing remained a very popular choice to form fronts of meeting rooms and offices. They create an initial visual impact, whilst allowing light to flow into the space and beyond, without the need for standard manifestations.

One trend that we have loved adopting even further over the last year was the inclusion of biophilic design into the workplace. There are many benefits of bringing the outdoors indoors - not only does it spark creativity and productivity, it is also proven to improve mental well-being. With staff feeling happier and healthier, what better way of retaining the best talent?!

We expect to see these design trends continue this year, with the continued desire to focus on varied work settings, providing break away spaces, quiet areas for concentrated working, and the use of quality materials creating an inviting workplace.

Whatever your needs, get in touch with the IPS team now, and allow us to create an elevated user experience within your workspace for you and your team!