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The Crucial Role of Office Interior Design in the Age of Hybrid Working

When Covid-19 altered our personal lives and the professional landscape, we saw the advent of a rapidly evolving working world, marked by the rise of hybrid working.

As we gradually traded our loungewear for formal attire to return to offices, the looming question was: "Why return to the office when remote work seemed to be functioning so smoothly?" For many of us, it became clear after the initial daunting weeks that the physical office holds a crucial role in maintaining a balanced and productive work life.

Stepping into the office, whether it's for two or five days a week, can boost employee morale, enhance productivity, and positively affect overall attitudes and well-being. The key to unlocking these benefits? Effective office interior design.

Why is Office Interior Design Vital?

An office is not merely a place where employees "need" to be. With the right design, it can become a space where they "want" to be. This shift in perception can help eliminate the traditional dread associated with office environments.

Beyond simply advocating for our own design services, we want to highlight the tangible benefits of a well-designed office space. Consider these impressive statistics:

  • Only 13% of the global workforce is highly engaged and satisfied with their workplace;
  • With the right office design, employee happiness can surge by 33%;
  • Satisfied employees take 10 times fewer sick days and are twice as likely to stay in their roles;
  • 76% of millennials consider office design a significant factor in their impression of a company.

Striking the Balance in Office Design

From these statistics, it's clear that interior design can significantly influence people's energy levels and perceptions. It's crucial to strike a balance when considering office design since what works for one company may not necessarily work for all. However, a few common themes have emerged that our clients find attractive.

With employees spending a large portion of their day in the office, prioritizing their health and well-being becomes essential. Factors such as air quality, acoustics, and temperature control need serious consideration. In addition, we've noticed a rising trend in incorporating visually appealing elements like plants, which can reduce tension, anxiety, and fatigue.

Embracing Flexibility and Privacy

Flexible common spaces are becoming increasingly popular in modern office design. These spaces offer privacy without complete isolation, fostering spontaneous interactions and collaboration.

Furthermore, by designing common areas to serve multiple purposes such as break rooms, open work areas, and relaxation zones, you allow employees to choose the environment that best suits their tasks and preferences. A rising trend involves connecting these areas to more formal conference rooms, allowing natural light to flow into the conference room while maintaining privacy through glass partitions and effective acoustic management.

Investing in Your Brand and Success

Investing in office interior design isn't only about creating a pleasant workspace for employees. It's an investment into your brand and the success of your company. A well-designed office can attract top talent, enhance your company's reputation, and create a positive first impression for clients. Furthermore, a thoughtfully designed office can adapt to the changing needs of your company, allowing for flexibility and growth.

Let IPS Transform Your Office Space

While not every office needs to undergo a drastic transformation, the right small changes can have a significant impact. By considering smart working, hot-desking, and hybrid working, IPS can help you make those impactful changes.

At IPS, we offer an in-house interior design service, guiding you from vision to reality. Our expertise and commitment to creating functional and inspiring workspaces can help transform your office into a place where employees can thrive. Contact us today and let us help you achieve your office interior design goals while giving your employees an environment where they can truly flourish!