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Top Trends for Office Fit-Outs

Since the gradual return of workers to the office after COVID-19 restrictions began to ease, we’ve noticed a few new trends emerging for office fit-outs. With flexibility, safety and communication at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it’s easy to see how and why the workplace is adapting to the "new normal".

As we look ahead to the end of 2021 and beyond, here are a few of the top trends to look out for.

Flexible workspaces

Many employers are now shifting towards more flexible set-ups, including working from home and hybrid options. With this in mind, workspaces must be designed to accommodate these new demands.

Reconfiguring the space to be more versatile, incorporating spaces for team collaboration and breakout zones, and introducing open plan hot-desking options are just some of the ways employers are fitting-out their offices to create a more flexible workspace.

Health and wellbeing

Since the pandemic, social distancing and personal hygiene have become top priorities. Amongst other things, employers have responded to this with hygiene and hand sanitiser stations and face masks, anti-microbial surfaces and screens, and social distancing signage.

Aside from the health and safety of the employees, their wellbeing is becoming more and more important to office fit-outs. Ensuring a balance of quiet desks, meeting rooms, and leisure space help staff to adapt their working day to suit their requirements.

Sustainable design

Addressing environmental challenges is a big concern amongst employers and employees alike. Whether they’re designing sustainable spaces, or utilising sustainable materials in their office fit-outs, it’s no surprise we’re seeing more and more demand for sustainable office design and see no sign of this trend slowing down.

Technology and Smart Offices

The sharp increase in remote working in recent years has solidified our reliance on high powered technology. While strong connectivity and communication tools are an obvious essential these days, the pandemic also resulted in some other new technology.

Employers are responding to the increased need for hygienic office design using new, hands-free tech such as touchless check-in solutions and voice activation controls. Using QR codes at front desk kiosks and other central points like doorways and elevators, employers are providing a safer way for staff to use their office.

Bringing the outside in

In an attempt to address both wellbeing and sustainability trends, we’re seeing more and more offices embracing nature and bringing elements of the outdoors indoors!

Utilising Biophilic design, employers are seeking to connect their staff more closely to nature by incorporating natural lighting and ventilation, landscape features and plenty of plants into their workspaces.

As many employees spend most of their working time indoors, features such as living walls help to improve their wellbeing as well as the air quality in the office, leading to a healthier quality of life for the staff.

If you’re hoping to incorporate some of these new trends into your next office fit-out, get in touch for a consultation and let’s chat about your options.