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Why are Sonik Doors by Komfort so popular?

A glazed door that can easily be integrated into partitioning systems, designed for ease of installation and complete with high acoustic insulation – there’s no wonder Sonik Doors by Komfort are one of our best selling products.

If you’re considering partitions for your next office fit-out, you might be thinking about the best type of doors to go with them. Here are some of the reasons we, and our customers, love Sonik Doors.

Industrial style

With the industrial trend still going strong in office interior design, the Sonik Doors offer a great choice that suits this style perfectly.

With the options for bold, dark glazing and industrial-style framework, you can create a modern and contemporary look to your office space with an industrial, vintage twist.

This statement design provides an eye-catching feature for your interior fit-out, without losing any precious natural light. You can retain visibility with a glass door, while still creating a sense of privacy for meetings, phone calls and quiet work.


Sonik Doors by Komfort are a flexible option that can suit your needs whatever they are. They’re compatible with blinds so you can help to control the lighting while also creating more privacy, but they also work with SwitchGlass if you want a higher tech option.

SwitchGlass is a great option if you want to keep certain meetings or presentations private, as you can turn the clear glass into opaque at the switch of a button.

Sonik Doors are also compatible with graphics and manifestations, so you can customise them to your heart’s content. Whether you choose branded designs or simple door numbers or names, your Sonik Doors will integrate seamlessly with the design of the rest of the space.


The door set can be specified as a single, hospital or double door set, with either lift-off hinges or with an offset pivot and door spring. There are also three door profiles available, including 52mm double glazed, 70mm double glazed, or 70mm single glazed.

This flexibility in design provides better suitability for a wide range of designer specifications. Whatever look or style you’re trying to create, Sonik Doors probably have a design that will work for you.


While the rest of your office may be open plan, it’s always important to have a separate space where you can hold private meetings, present big plans to stakeholders, or even just sit down for some quiet work occasionally.

Having strong acoustic insulation can be really helpful to make sure private conversations stay private and provide people with a safe and quiet place to focus.

With a 40dB (Rw) acoustic rating and an automatic drop-down seal, Sonik Doors ensure high acoustic insulation is maintained throughout the office space. That means you can laugh, cry, sing and chat as much as you like – or you can just sit down and read that long report you’ve been meaning to get to all week.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Sonik Doors and how they might work with your office fit-out, get in touch for a consultation.