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Make a statement with industrial style partitioning

We get a lot of requests for industrial style partitioning here at IPS Interiors. With a simple but effective design and a number of practical uses, we can see why they’re growing in popularity in the world of commercial interiors.

Today we’re talking in detail about our passion for the industrial style partition, and why you might want to consider one for your next office refurbishment.

What actually is an industrial style partition?

Office partitioning is a popular solution for dividing up space within your workplace.

There are many different options to choose from, including glass, solid walls, or demountable partitions. Their purpose is to provide a flexible, aesthetic and cost-effective method of creating individual offices, breakout areas or meeting rooms – without losing the important feeling of ‘openness’.

The industrial style that is on the rise at the moment, is a glass panel featuring dark framed glazing. Made from aluminium, the framing provides a striking ‘industrial’ look which provides any office space with an eye-catching feature.

Whether you want single or double glazing you can tailor your panel to suit your requirements.

Why should you consider industrial style partitioning for your office?

There are several advantages to choosing an industrial style partition for your office fit out. From the overall look and feel, to the practical elements as well. We’ve outlined some of the key benefits below.

Statement design – The bold frames of an industrial style partition make for a strong first impression. Compared to a normal solid wall, or even a plain glass panel, this style partition offers your space a charming vintage vibe, whilst still maintaining a modern and contemporary edge.

Natural light – The addition of an industrial glass partition into your office design will allow you to divide up your space, without losing any precious natural light. Studies have shown that sunlight lifts our moods and allows us to work more productively, so keeping as much light in your space as possible is very important.

These partitions allow light to circulate through your space, without closing anything off. This also helps to create the illusion of more space.

The options for an industrial style partition are endless in your office design.

Where will an industrial partition work in my space?

Office partitioning has many uses and the industrial style is no different. To give you some ideas, here’s how we often find they work best.

Meeting rooms – The great thing about using industrial style partitioning for your meeting rooms is that you maintain a feeling of openness, whilst still having enough privacy for those important conversations.

With the use of the simple to apply manifestations, privacy can be increased together with the opportunity to introduce statement branding. So whether it’s an open discussion where you welcome ideas and input from other colleagues, or it’s a private management meeting or even a job interview – the industrial partition will work perfectly for both.

Breakout spaces – All employees appreciate a relaxing, enjoyable space where they can go to take a break, eat their lunch, or even hold informal meetings. An industrial style partition can help create an enticing area for colleagues to go without feeling cut off from the rest of the team. This partitioning system compliments the latest furniture trend for a rustic or distressed appearance, adding to its popularity.

Reception area – A sure fire way to make an eye-catching first impression when clients pop in for a meeting is to feature one of our industrial style partitions in your entryway. Whether you want to break up a large entrance space, or separate out the reception area – a partition will make the perfect statement piece whilst ensuring the rest of the office doesn’t feel cut off.

If you’re thinking about adding an industrial style partition to your office design, contact us today to see how we can help you.