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The benefits of glass office partitioning

Office partitioning is a practical tool used for dividing up spaces and generating more privacy in your workplace. Choosing a glass option gives the added look and feel of luxury, while ensuring your office design stays contemporary and modern, ensuring transfer of light and a sense of togetherness.

We are big fans of glass office partitioning here at IPS Interiors, so we thought we’d let you know some of the great benefits of considering this product in your next office refurbishment.

The choice is yours

Glass office partitioning comes available in a wide range of designs – from entry level aluminium framed glazed units, to frameless floor-to-ceiling glass screens.

You can choose between single or double glazing, the sleek look of silicone glass or the industrial style framed options. You can decide what level of sound reduction you require, and whether or not to improve aesthetics with statement manifestations applied to the glass.

What you choose will depend on what you’re using your partition for. You might want to create a multi-purpose meeting room with varying privacy levels, or perhaps you’re just sectioning off an area of your space for logistical reasons.

‘Switch Glass’ turns clear panes obscure, at the click of a button.

Whatever your office needs, there will be a style of glass partitioning that suits you.

Timeless style for all businesses

The great thing about glass is that it’s a timeless material. If you’re a more traditional company with a vintage style, or you’re a kooky new business with a pool table in the staffroom – you won’t have a problem working a glass partition into your space.

Whether you choose to include frames, doors or manifestations will of course make a difference to the overall style, but we’ve not yet found an office that doesn’t suit a glass partition.

Branding and decoration will enhance the overall look and ensure it fits perfectly within your office environment.

One of the most common frustrations we hear about in poorly designed office spaces, is the lack of internal communication and the barriers seemingly in place which prevent it.

Let there be light!

One of the biggest differences between a glass partition and a solid wall is the amount of light you can keep in your office space. We find utilising as much natural light as possible in your office design can make a huge difference to your employees’ moods and productivity – so why close all that off with a solid wall structure?

The addition of glass office partitioning allows you to keep as much light into the building as possible, making the whole space appear brighter and airier. You might even find yourself saving money on your energy bills, as you require less artificial lighting to brighten the space.

Utilising smaller spaces

There is always a need for different types of work spaces in office design and fit outs, but there isn’t always the space for lots of separate rooms.

Most companies require personal desks for independent work, break-out spaces for colleague collaboration, private meeting rooms for decision making, as well as more relaxed environments for informal discussions.

A glass partition can be a great solution for smaller spaces, to incorporate all of the above requirements into one or two multi-purpose rooms.

A glass screen offers a more welcoming view than a closed door, so colleagues know it’s a friendly space for them to pop in and use. At the same time, you could utilise ‘Switch Glass’ and you’ve got yourself a private area for management meetings and formal discussions.

Glass walls enable even the smallest spaces to feel light and welcoming, so you don’t need excessive room to make a big impact.

Empowering open communication

One of the most common frustrations we hear about in poorly designed office spaces, is the lack of internal communication and the barriers seemingly in place which prevent it.

We find using a glass partition is a flexible solution for your office design to combat these issues. It enables quiet working areas, whilst giving the illusion of an open plan atmosphere – so your employees can work independently, while still having access to other departments and colleagues without feeling closed off.

The transparent walls suggest a feeling of honest and open communication, where colleagues can feel that the door is always open for their queries and opinions to be discussed and respected.

If you weren’t convinced before about a glass partition for your office, we hope you might have a few reasons to consider one now. To find out more about how we can help with your office fit out, please contact us today.