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Workplace solutions for post-pandemic offices

For many of us, our working environments have changed a lot over the past couple of months.

The pandemic has forced a lot of people to adopt new ways of working – and while many employees are itching to get back to normal – it is becoming clearer every day that the landscape of the workplace may change indefinitely.

Just a few weeks ago, people who worked from home were the exception, not the rule. Today we’re seeing more people embracing the benefits of remote work than ever before.

While it didn’t take long for our old ‘normal’ to change during the pandemic – what will our workplaces look like in a world post-pandemic? What will the new ‘normal’ become when many employees return to their original place of work?

With social distancing likely to play a big part in office spaces going forward, we’ve been thinking about some of the workplace solutions we can offer, to help ensure your employees are as safe as possible when they return to work.

One of the key measures that the government have outlined to ensure staff safety, includes the use of screens or barriers to separate workers. Social distancing does not just apply to the desks where people spend most of their time, but also to meeting rooms, break-out spaces, and other similar settings – so it is important to consider these as well.

We believe that companies will adopt an immediate approach which will involve two metre spacings between desks (where possible), most commonly an ‘every other desk’ policy mixed with the following screen solutions and sanitising stations. It is more than likely that there will be a requirement for masks to be worn, particularly in open plan areas. This in turn will open a new consideration for waste disposal.

In the medium term, we feel that many companies may seek to relocate to offices and fit them out to suit their new normal. ‘Normal’ will differ between industries and the demographics within their own organisation. Perhaps splitting the office space between satellite sites may be a plausible option, particularly in view of the individual requirements to avoid public transport where possible?

Our team feel confident that there will always be a desire to have an office and we will be very pleased to meet with current and prospective clients to discuss your office strategy.

Vinyl wrapped desk mounted screens

Vinyl wrapped; desk mounted screens allow you to maintain a high degree of cleanliness while distancing your employees from each other.

The simple installation means there’s no hassle and the surface is easy to clean. Any air transmission is reduced by the screen, so your employees can sit at their desks less worry.

Easy clean sneeze guard screens

Wherever you are within the office, an easy clean sneeze guard screen can allow you to socially distance from others while still maintaining a well-connected atmosphere.

The clear acrylic is easily cleanable, and allows you to see your colleagues through the screen. This makes communication a little easier, ensuring employees don’t feel cut-off from their teams.

With different heights and thicknesses available, the sneeze guard screens are flexible for different uses around the office – not just at the desks.

Anti-bacterial screens

Limiting the risk of airborne germs between colleagues, whilst still offering visibility – The anti-bacterial screens are another good choice for separating desks.

Available in one height and three widths, these screens are a great addition to any office.

Desktop screen extensions

These extension screens are a good option for increasing the height of protection between colleagues, without reducing the light in their workspace. The plexiglass creates a safe barrier but still allows a little visibility between colleagues, and doesn’t cut anyone off from their light source.

Workstation divider

Ideal for different types of working environments, these dividers provide clear safety barriers between team members. As with the other offerings, they are easy to clean and they are available in a variety of applications.

Flooring Messaging

Informative communications can be introduced through floor coverings. You can introduce a one-way system and direct traffic flow or indicate the positioning of employees and furniture items. Signage embedded into the flooring is noticeably clear and easy to follow. Businesses can promote social distancing and awareness of hygiene.

‘Fogging’ Cleaning Solution

Fogging is a measure that would be adopted in addition to a heightened cleaning regime within the office. The additional use of “fogging” or misting sprayers of correctly diluted chemicals ensures a good coverage of surfaces and assists in reaching high level and hidden or inaccessible areas in a room. The sterilizing vapor evaporates to a gaseous state, coming into contact with all open surfaces in the area to in addition kills yeast, viruses, mould, fungi and bacteria.

The solution provides protection of the surfaces for up to 7 days. The solution would fog entire areas and follow up with all contact points being wiped down to ensure deep clean to these points.

For more information on how we can help you create a safer work space for your employees upon their return to work, please do get in touch.